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If there was ever a teensy silver lining of the pandemic – and I mean teeny tiny – it would be temporary suspension of bay area traffic. But alas, as the population is slowly getting vaccinated and things are opening up, hope is rising once again, and with that, comes a bit of traffic. As […]


Bay Area Maternity | Yenling + Brian

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Maybe it’s because we’re all in lockdown or maybe I’ve just been posting a lot of maternity photos, but I’ve been getting an insane amount of maternity inquiries! Which was why I thought it was time to share a few tips on how to best prepare for maternity photos when you’re expecting a bundle of […]


5 Steps to Take to Prepare for Maternity Photos

prepare for maternity photos
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I was overjoyed when Mandy mentioned over the phone that she wanted to have a Crissy field maternity session. As we made our way over to the beach, we both agreed, the view of the Golden Gate bridge never gets old. Immediately upon meeting Mandy + Nick, I discovered we had quite a bit in […]


Crissy Field Maternity | Mandy + Nick

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A beautiful sunny day, perfect for a Shell Ridge maternity session. You wouldn’t guess based on these photos that this day was filled with hiccups. But first, let me gush over Ummul + Arif first. I know I say this about all my couples, but man, were they cute. Arif was the most doting husband, […]


Shell Ridge Maternity | Ummul + Arif

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Stating the obvious here, but I love to travel! I’m always game for a new adventure and I love it when my couples are too! Whether it’s an engagement session or a wedding, I’d love to be there to capture it all. Some of these places are a bit out there, but hey, a girl’s […]

Wedding Planning

Travel Photography Bucket List

Shinjuku Gyoen Engagement
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“It’s lucky to rain on your wedding day!” …I told Mariko + Jason, as the rain sprinkled on us as we carefully made our way down the stairs for a Lyon Street Steps engagement. Then they mentioned they also had a flat tire on the way to the session. “Yeah, that’s lucky too!” I said. […]


Lyon Street Steps Engagement | Mariko + Jason

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And he said “My only regret is not proposing to you sooner so that you could have had the wedding of your dreams.” And just like that, in came the tears. Daniel cried. His mom cried. Yvonne cried. I cried. It was a sentence that encapsulated so much of 2020, a year filled with so […]


Ranch Golf Club Wedding | Yvonne and Daniel

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