I'm Monica, a fine art wedding & portrait photographer and seeker of spontaneous, joyous moments wrapped in romance and golden light. I love working with couples that are fun-loving, passionate, and are always down for an adventure!

On a wedding day, I'll be there to remind you of why you love each other and to let every moment sink in. I'll be there to make sure your hair is perfect, to fluff your dress, but most importantly, to bring the party!!! I'll be your bridesmaid, hype woman, and photographer all rolled into one.

My greatest joys in my job is being able to make people not only feel comfortable but confident in front of the camera. I love getting to know my couples, building relationships, and celebrating milestone moments beyond their wedding day.

hi, im moni.

Ever since I was young, I've always heard about my dad having this whole other life before immigrating to the United States. It had been many years later when I discovered that he had been a field reporter for a prominent newspaper in Hong Kong. Then at the age of 10, my dad passed, and everything changed. Ever since then, family photos have taken a whole new meaning for me. Through my dad's photographs, I saw bits and pieces of his life before I had fully gotten to know him; I saw him as a teenager playing soccer in Hong Kong, or how he wore a black bell bottom suit on the day he married my mom, and how empty the rooms looked in my childhood home from when my family first moved in.

I became a photographer because I too, want you to have these photographs. I want you to have the photographs that can tell a story for generations to come. I want you to look at a photo and remember how wet your dress got after dancing in the rain, but  it was your wedding day, and you didn't care. Or how that first kick inside your belly made you feel excited, scared, and blessed all at once. Or how much sand the kids dragged into the car from the beach that day but it was such a fun day. If that's something that speaks to you, I'd love to meet you.

My Why


I try to make an international trip at least once a year

Some of my favorite places that I've travelled to are Mexico City, Ha Noi, Hong Kong, Florence, Rio de Janeiro, and Japan. Check out my travel wishlist to see where I want to go next!



Specifically, pink peonies. In Chinese mythology, pink peonies symbolize love and beauty in marriage. Coincidence? I think not.



Having been born in the year of the horse and also being a sagittarius, it's not too surprising that I would describe myself as free-spirited. I'm always game for a trip, adventure, or a new experience. 



I have an enormous sweet tooth. In my family, I am known as the dessert queen. I've made everything from tiramisu to chocolate souffle, but my apple pie is my most requested dessert!