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Hey, i'm Moni

When I was young, my dream job wasn't to be a photographer. It was to be a historian.

Yes you read that correctly, a historian.

Not the coolest job admittedly, but history was always my favorite subject in school. I loved learning about how people and events in the past shaped the current world we live in. In a sense, that told me everything I needed to know about why I loved photography. I loved the idea of capturing a moment and preserving it in time. Then at the age of 10, my dad passed, and everything changed.

Ever since then, photos have taken on a whole new meaning for me. Through a single photo, I learned about a history that existed before I did. I saw him as a teenager playing soccer in Hong Kong in Victoria Park with his friends, or how he wore a black bell bottom suit on the day he married my mom, and how empty the rooms looked in my childhood home from when my family first moved in. 

Wedding photography isn't about a perfectly curated photo for Instagram. It's about capturing the real parts of a wedding day; relatives reuniting for the first time, the emotions that swell up the moment bride walks down the aisle, and the chaos that ensues when all your best friends are all in one place together, scream singing and dancing to the same song.

These are the photos that your children and grandchildren will look back on for years to come and say. These photos are the start of your history. 

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