54 degrees and mostly cloudy, the PERFECT weather for a sutro baths and engagement. Okay, well not perfect. The winds were 25+ mph. The best part of shooting at Sutro Baths was definitely the commute. As of 2023, I had officially moved to SF and Lands End was officially my backyard. In fact, while I was working before the session, I could hear the wind blowing so hard that the windows started vibrating. The best thing you can do during a windy session is to find way to block the wind whether it’s trees, a wall, or a building. That day, the best we could do was to find a bit of solace under the Cypress trees.


Today’s couple is Kathleen + Jason! They flew in from Toronto and they had several trips lined up after the engagement session including a trip to Big Sur and Yosemite. So this was the ONE day we had to shoot. Honestly on any other session, I would have rescheduled. Shooting in the wind is always tough because the wind eventually starts to annoy the couple and it can be a bit frustrating with the hair flying around, but Kathleen was an absolute trooper! She was always smiles and fun and never let the wind get to her. The best part was the the wind worked perfectly with her dress. I absolutely obsessed with how these photos turned out and was thrilled to have been able to photograph such a sweet couple. This was the most perfect Sutro Baths Engagement! Congrats K + J!

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Couple walking through Sutro baths
kiss in the forest
couple holding hands
fiancée laughing in joy
portrait of fiancés
couple giggling to each other
close shot of couple and the ring
scenic view of the couple
Fiancés navigating the way
Fiancée looking at her engaged
Couple's kiss at the beach
Couple's gentle caress
blurred shot of the couple at the beach
beach fiancé portrait
Forehead kiss to fiancée
oceanic golden hour of the couple
couple crossing a narrow pathway on the sea
intimate moment between the couple and ocean
candid moment of the couple
fiancé lifting his partner
Double exposure of couple and bridge
Partners walking along the sand
Piggyback ride at the beach
Couple holding both hands smiling
close portrait of the ring
close shot of fiancée's kiss on the cheek
close shot of couple laughing

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