MacArthur Place

70 degrees and partly cloudy, in short, THE perfect weather to photograph a MacArthur Place wedding! Every time I visit MacArthur Place, I fall more and more in love with this venue. This is truly a photographer’s dream to photograph. EVERY corner is beautiful! I mean, EVERY corner. This was my second time photographing MacArthur Place and I certainly hope it won’t be my last! I hope to one day come back to relax and enjoy the spa and amenities here because all the guests here look truly and thoroughly relaxed. Meanwhile, I’m usually running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

The Couple

But enough about me, let’s talk about today’s beautiful couple – Kristyne and Kenya! A funny story here is that Kristyne and I actually go wayyy back! We were both from the same high school and we played on the same tennis team! I’d indulge you with a photo, but I’d rather keep any and all high school photos of me offline forever and ever if possible. But back to Kristyne and Kenya! What an amazing couple. Throughout the night, every story that came from their friends and family (whether they be toasts or roasts) spoke glowingly of this amazing couple. You can truly tell who a person is based on who they surround themselves with. This night was equal parts joyful, emotional, and rowdy. In short, my favorite kind of wedding to shoot! I barely wanted to leave! Demola the violinist played hit after hit on his violin throughout the night. Just when you think you have to choose between a band and DJ, Demola is BOTH. Highly highly recommend. In short, this was the perfect MacArthur Place wedding! Congrats K + K!

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The Team

Venue: MacArthur Place | Planning: Alyssa Bray Events Hair & Makeup: J Beautique | Florals: Marion Moss Florals | Band: Demola Violinist | Travel Advising: Enriched Travels | Bridesmaids Dresses: Birdy Grey

bridal details
wedding invite details
groom details
close up of wedding bands
two glasses of champagne
grooms party
entire bridal party
close shot of bridesmaids bouquets
groomsmen lifting the groom
groom adjusting his bow tie
bridal reveal
groom's first look at the bride
bridal couple portrait
wide shot couple kiss
close shot wedding couple smiling
golden hour portrait of wedding couple
couple under the veil
bride walking down the aisle
couple giggling mid vow
wedding couple walking down the aisle
wedding kiss in front of the macarthur resort
couple happily walking away
couple turning back with their drinks
silly groomsmen portrait
couple's first dance with violinist
couple laughing together
violinist performing
bridal reception dancing

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