50 degrees and light rain, not exactly ideal weather for an Ocean Beach proposal. But it was a PERFECT day nonetheless. One of the best parts of Ocean Beach that is underrated are the beach grass that overlooks the beach. The beach grass is fully grown around June and July, and it’s still such a beautiful sight to see as it’s blowing in the wind. It’s one of my favorite spots to shoot at.

After photographing at Ocean Beach, we eventually moved over to Land’s End where we got more photos. The rainy season from winter season was still here, but Land’s End is and always will be breathtakingly beautiful. It was such a treat to show the guys around for the first time and see how much they loved the beautiful cypress trees and ocean cliff views.


If a love is any indication of the amount of effort put into proposal, then Hunter is Nathan are destined to be together forever. Hunter had reached out to me back in January to photograph his proposal to his longtime boyfriend, Nathan. They flew in from Omaha for a trip with their friends and he had hoped to propose before the rest of their friends left town. For weeks, Hunter and I corresponded over email about the perfect location, the perfect spot, and the perfect way to surprise Nathan.

What struck me the most about Hunter was how he smiled when I asked about Nathan. He said that he loved the warmth and comfort he felt around Nathan, and how he felt at home. He felt as if he can truly be himself around him. And that was what made their love for each other so strong.

Even though I was nearly frozen on the beach with the fog pounding me, I felt like I could wait there forever. I absolutely adored this sweet couple. When you’re photographing people in love, you get an adrenaline rush like no other. It was the perfect ocean beach proposal and I am so excited for this beautiful couple! Congrats Hunter and Nathan!

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Partners facing each other
Ocean beach proposal
Partner goes down on their knee
Lovers officially engaged
Fiancés share a kiss
Fiancés holding each other
Lovers hug on the beach
Lovers run on the beach
Fiancés kissing
ocean beach proposal
scenic view of the lovers on the dune
fiancés holding hands
engagement ring
Partner looking at the ring
Partners enjoying the view
Intimate moment for the lovers
Lovers popping champagne
Champagne celebration
Lovers drinking
Friends join the lovers
Partners showing off their ring
Walk through the forest
Lovers hugging in the forest
Partners holding hands intimately
Lovers walking off

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