Retzlaff Winery Wedding | Yvonne + Mitty

10+ years, rotary club, an afternoon longboard lesson in the park, a proposal in Hawaii, 1 global pandemic, and 100-degree weather. It all led up to this moment of Retzlaff Winery Wedding.

We are finally here. The day of Yvonne + Mitty’s wedding day! Yvonne + Mitty was originally one of my 2020 couples, but of course, we all know how that went. Fast forward to April, Yvonne + Mitty felt ready enough to put the wedding back on. And I am SO glad they did!

About the Wedding

From the very get-go, all of the speeches at Yvonne + Mitty’s wedding confirmed what I had already assumed and learned about them. They are an incredibly kind, ambitious, adventurous, generous, and philanthropic couple. But more importantly, they’re FOODIES. So they know allll the good places to eat.

Which, food, as we all know is my love language. And wow, their wedding did not a disappointment. The lineup was tough to beat. There was paella from Spain, ramen from Japan, tacos from Mexico, and much more. On the Vine catering really knocked it out of the park. I can’t tell you how delicious everything was. It was hard not to grab a second plate. Luckily, I was pretty full from washing it all down with an earl grey milk tea & lychee jelly from T4. Food aside, the day was filled with so much love.

First off, Yvonne looked gorgeous. Even though the day was about her, the moment I saw her, she kept making sure that I had water because it was such a HOT day. This speaks volumes of the kind of person Yvonne is – warming, sweet, and caring. And of course, Mitty was no slouch either! Also at a wedding, you can tell how loved a couple is by how much their people show up for them. Both bridal parties were a blast to photograph but also delivered some of the most hilarious and heartwarming speeches I’ve ever heard (Quotes from Mulan are always a sure crowd-pleaser).

In the Spotlight

But of course, the person who stole the spotlight was definitely none other than Papa Kwan himself. Yvonne had given me an advanced notice that her brother-in-law would likely be walking her halfway down the aisle and it’d be up in the air on whether or not Papa Kwan would be able to finish walking her because of his illness. Well, not only did Papa Kwan muster the strength to walk Yvonne down the aisle, but he also grabbed the microphone when he reached the altar to thank everyone for coming to Yvonne + Mitty’s wedding, and to apologize for his condition, even going as far to apologize for potentially not being at the reception.

Needless to say, it was a beautiful moment. Papa Kwan is a true embodiment of a father’s strength and neverending love for his daughter. In the end, Papa Kwan did attend the reception. He was also able to dance with his youngest daughter Yvonne during the father-daughter dance. It was a true honor being able to capture this enduring moment in time.

Congrats to Yvonne + Mitty! I can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead for you both. Thank you both for being amazing clients and I am so glad we are also now friends 🙂 Can’t wait for the food adventures! This post is also dedicated in memory to Papa Kwan, who leaves behind a legacy as a devoted husband and father.

The Team at The Retzlaff Winery Wedding

Venue: Retzlaff Vineyward Winery | HMUA: Studio Cathy HM | Floral Design: Fremont Flowers | Catering: On the Vine | Red Dress: East Meets Dress | White Dress: Azazie | Cake: Cake Delight | Donuts: Third Culture Bakery | Desserts: Cake Delight | Boba: T4

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