I’m not going to lie. I get nervous before every session. No matter the amount of experience I have or affirmation I receive from others, there will always a small pebble of insecurity in me that is super self-critical. That small pebble of insecurity grows particularly bigger whenever I photograph friends. For some reason, photographing friends makes me extra anxious! Today’s session was no different. Today, I’m photographing Tammy, one of my oldest and dearest friends, and her lovely fiancee Vince, and their adorable pup, Kona! Tammy specifically request a Oakland redwoods engagement because it ties perfectly in with their past and their present.

Tammy and Vince met in grad school at Duke, and first fell for each other on a trip up to the mountains. Things turned romantic when they realized they only wanted to talk to each other during the entire trip. Fast forward a few years later, they moved in together, got engaged, and got Kona. It seemed fitting that for their engagement, they wanted a way to tie in the biggest parts of their story together – their love for the Redwoods, their love for Kona, and their love for each other.

The key things you need to have a successful Oakland Redwoods engagement session includes the following

First, you’ll need a friend that can act as doggy wrangler. This is important because there will be moments when you’ll want to take photos as a couple and you won’t want to tie up your pup. Some pups are fine, but for young pups like Kona, they might end up barking and thus, stressing out the pup parents. Secondly, you’ll need to find a Redwoods Park that is dog friendly! Muir Woods and Big Basin are national parks so they don’t typically allow dogs. Thankfully, Redwood Glen Trailhead is not only dog-friendly but dog-encouraged! And lastly, you’ll need a pocketful of treats and poop bags.

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happy couple with dog in the woods
bride and groom holding hands at Redwood Glen Trailhead
groom kissing bride's forehead in the woods
engagement photo session at Redwood Glen Trailhead
couple kissing in the forest
posed couple photo in nature
groom hugging his bride from behind
groom kissing bride's shoulder
bride and groom hugging each other black and white photo
couple looking at each other surrounded by nature

bride and groom walking in the woods
couple with dog pose photo in nature
nature engagement photo with dog
couple kissing with dog in the forest
couple playing with dog in nature
bride hugging while groom carries dog
couple hiking engagement photo session at redwood glen trailhead
romantic couple at redwood glen trailhead
couple holding hands with dog in the woods
bride sitting on groom's lap
bride and groom kissing in front of trees
bride and groom laughing in the forest
bride and groom making funny faces in nature
blurry engagement photo sessions with dog
couple hugging and looking at each other in the middle of the forest
bride touching groom's hand in the woods
dog with couple at Redwood Glen Trailhead
family with dog candid photo in forest
bride on top of wood in the forest

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