Ahhh 75 degrees and sunny, the perfect weather for a twin peaks engagement! Seriously, it really is! For a city that is known for its fog, it was complete luck that we were able to get such beautiful weather for this engagement session! Truth be told, overcast usually works better for a place like Twin Peaks unless you’re shooting in the morning, but we wanted to make sure that Corinna + Phil didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn for their engagement. In the end, it worked out perfectly because we got two incredible views of Twin Peaks, thanks to Corinna + Phil’s guidance. They took me to another hill that over looked Twin Peaks and had less crowds and it made for the sweetest little area for them to have some time alone away from the crowds.


I’ve known Corinna for quite some time now, since college in fact. Her older sister is one of my closest friends and it was such a joy to see her engaged! It wasn’t until her sisters wedding in December that I got to meet Phil, the man that had stolen our beautiful Corinna’s heart. And without a doubt, upon meeting him, I can confidently say that they deserved each other. I could clearly see from talking to the both of them how incredibly in love they were with each other. Particularly, Phil brought out this really fun goofy side of Corinna that I had never seen before. It was such a treat to be able to witness! The fact that they brought their dogs made the session that much more adorable! All in all, this was the perfect Twin Peaks engagement! Congratulations to my dear friends, Corinna + Phil! You guys are the most perfect couple and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding day!

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Engaged couple carrying their dogs
blurred couple with a focus shot of the city
Fiancé holding his partner from behind
soon-to-be groom kissing his fiancée's cheek
engaged couple sitting on a rock with their dogs
Engaged couple's dogs posing on their laps
Engaged couple laughing with their dogs
Fiancé kissing his betrothed's forehead
Engaged couple chatting and walking down the trail
The couple looking out into the city
engaged couple enjoying the view of the city
Couple talking to  each other with their dogs
Proposal of the couple
Fiancé showing off his ring
Engaged couple laughing together in the wind
Engaged couple smiling together
Fiancée holding her betrothed showing off his ring
engaged couple smiling at each other with their dogs
Couple trying to pose their dogs
Couple holding each other in the distance
Couple looking into each others eyes
Couple sharing a kiss under the sunlight
Engaged couple holding each other featuring the fiancée's ring
Engaged couple kissing over the view of San Francisco

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