The Location

75 degrees and sunny, the absolute PERFECT weather for a Arastradero Preserve engagement session. I’ve been to Arastradero a few times over the past years, but I gotta say, the dry grass came early this year! In past years, I would recommend my couples wait until July or August for dry grass engagement sessions, but sadly, California has been in the worst drought in recent years, and our dry grass months keep coming earlier and earlier in the year. Not ideal for California, but ideal for today’s session! If you’re looking for something similar to Mt. Tam without the long and windy drive, then a Arastradero Preserve engagement session is the one for you! With it’s rolling hills of dry grass, and it’s (relatively) short hike up, it’s the peninsula’s solution to a Mt. Tam.

The Couple

Today’s lovely couple is Lily + Eddie! The sum of it all was, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. But it turns out, it was love.

In Lily’s words, “we met in high school in Maryland and became close friends. My first impression of him was that he was very scrawny with dorky glasses. His impression of me was that I was short with big eyes and big ears.”

Over the years, Lily + Eddie kept in touch, until one day Eddie visited Lily in the bay area. It was on that fateful trip that they decided to start dating! And the rest as they say, is history.

Congratulations to this beautiful couple, I cannot wait to photograph them in September at Bernardus Lodge!

Standing portrait of the fiancée
Bride-to-be wandering Arastradero preserve
portrait of the fiancée featured by her engagement ring
Engaged couple holding their dog
Fiancé looking at his partner while holding her hand
engaged couple holding hands
Fiancée looking back while holding her betrothed's hand
Fiancé kissing his betrothed's forehead
Engaged couple walking around the fields together
Engaged couple looks at eachother lovingly
Engaged couple walking their dog on the trail
fiancée holding her husband
Engaged couple dancing in the wheat field
Fiancé carrying his partner
close up of the engagement couple's dog
Future bride carrying her dog
Engaged couple holding each other intimately
Engaged couple kissing under the golden hour
Couple hugging with their dog hidden in the fields
Bride to be smiling as she is carried
Fiancée getting carried and spun around by her partner
Fiancé walking his partner down the trail
engaged couple and their dog following the Arastradero trails
Engaged couple kissing along the trails under golden light
Engaged couple sitting on the bench looking over arastradero preserve
Fiancé holding his partner along the trail
Fiancée laughing as she is carried by her partner

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