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Have you ever taken a stroll around San Francisco and stopped suddenly to breathe in its beauty? To admire the ornate and colorful Victorian buildings, to notice the iconic way the Transamerica building pierces the sky, to observe how the fog looms over the west side of the city, or the joyful pops of bougainvillea trees. Every sharp corner, steep hill, and all that is in between. With every block we explored, Danielle and Brian’s Ina Coolbrith Park Wedding felt like an ode to San Francisco.

There are 3 heartwarming stories you should know about Danielle and Brian’s wedding day:

The Family Home

I first met Danielle at the getting ready location at a house in the sunset district. But it wasn’t until we started talking about the beautiful garden in the backyard that I learned that this was actually the family home passed down from Danielle’s parents and grandparents. I also learned that Danielle’s parents got married at this same house and they still had the same exact sofa to this very day. Naturally, we decided to pull up a photo of Danielle’s mom from her wedding day and try to recreate that exact same photo. It was such a fun way to bring things full circle and feel Danielle’s parents’ presence on her wedding day.


Speaking of full circle, you might notice a recurring presence of bougainvillea trees throughout this post. Onto story #2. During June of last year, around the time of his birthday, Brian decided to take Danielle on a stroll down Lombard street, where he pointed out a beautiful bougainvillea tree growing on one of the houses. The bougainvillea tree is Danielle’s favorite flower because it reminds her of her home in the Virgin Islands. Unbeknownst to Danielle, this was simply a diversion so that Brian could get down one knee and ask Danielle the question that would change their lives forever. For this reason, my heart will always feel warm every time I see a bougainvillea tree in SF.

Ina Coolbrith Park Wedding

And finally, the epic love story continues at Ina Coolbrith Park, a park Brian discovered years ago near his old apartment. After the ceremony, we walked around the park to take a few portraits and settled on a stairwell overlooking the view on the second level. During this time, Danielle and Brian mentioned to me about the early days in their relationship when they used to grab a bottle of wine and take in the epic San Francisco skyline.

Having understood the significance of this park in the couple’s relationship, I can only imagine the emotional impact of saying their vows to each other at that moment in front of their loved ones over Zoom. After that, we eventually made our way towards Crissy Field where we ended up taking more portraits of the lovely couple. It was such a wonderful and intimate way to round out their love story and I could not be happier to have been the one that captured it.

To the couple

Thank you so much to Danielle + Brian for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful day. I’m thrilled to have witnessed another great chapter i your love story. You guys are truly an inspiration. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Feldman!

Venue: Ina Coolbrith Park Wedding

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