Crissy Field Maternity | Mandy + Nick

I was overjoyed when Mandy mentioned over the phone that she wanted to have a Crissy field maternity session. As we made our way over to the beach, we both agreed, the view of the Golden Gate bridge never gets old. Immediately upon meeting Mandy + Nick, I discovered we had quite a bit in common: (1) our families are from Hong Kong and we all spoke Cantonese (2) we love dim sum from the Richmond (3) and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Throughout the entire session, I was utterly enamored with Mandy + Nick’s incredible chemistry. I barely knew them at all, but all I knew, was that they made each other laugh like no other and they’re completely smitten with each other. They do the best Zoolander blue steel impression I’ve seen in ages and Nick absolutely hilarious, striking maternity poses at every chance he got.

Crissy Field

70 degrees out, perfect weather for a Crissy Field maternity session. It had been a long winter; both with all the ups and downs of the pandemic. I can’t tell you enough how happy I was so see people out and about. When we reached Crissy Field, Mandy decided to change into her second dress, a beautiful cream colored knit dress that made her glow even more if possible. Throughout our session, I being slightly overzealous in my excitement to capture them taking in the views of the bay, completely fell backwards into a dug-up hole as I walked backwards. It was a hilarious reminder that I am too clutzy for my own good and that I have a tendency to be unaware of my surroundings. As the sun started to set and we wound down our session, Mandy + Nick took a last few minutes to soak it all in. It was a beautiful day. Congrats M + N!

Dress: Nothing Fits But

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  1. Ali McCartney says:

    Hi! I am looking for a photographer to take maternity photos – natural and candid style at Chrissy Fields. Preference is Sunday morning the next two weeks.
    Need the photos taken asap – I am 32 weeks.
    Please send pricing and details. Thank you

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