80 degrees and sunny, it was the PERFECT day for a woodside engagement session. This was location #2 for Jessica and David’s beautiful engagement session. We had already taken a few beautiful photos of them at Filoli Gardens, but we wanted a little change of scenery. We had brainstormed a second location nearby and felt that Crystal Springs Cross Country course would be the most beautiful location! It had dry grass, sweeping views of the mountains overlooking the west coast.


Jessica and David had the most beautiful storybook romance. They had gotten engaged within 13 months of meeting each other! But in their words, “when you know, you know.” Both of them are both driven by their faith and their core values of family, love, and God. It was such a beautiful sight to witness when two people have been searching their whole lives for that perfect person and they find it in each other. It was seriously straight out of a movie! These two are the absolute sweetest couple you can possibly know and it was such an honor to photograph them both. This Woodside engagement was one for the books!

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Couple holding hands looking off to the side of the field
Boyfriend carrying his fiancée
Couple sitting down with their foreheads touching
Intimate close up of the engaged couple
Close up of the couple and the fiancée's ring
Girlfriend sitting on her fiancé's lap
Sitting portrait of the engaged couple
Close up portrait of the couple
Fiancé hugging his partner from behind
Boyfriend holding onto his fiancée
side view of the boyfriend kissing his partner's cheek
Girlfriend enjoying her piggyback ride
Girlfriend kissing her boyfriend's cheek
The couple running through Crystal Springs
Close up of the girlfriend being lifted up
Couple smiling as the girlfriend is lifted
Fiancé looking at his partner lovingly
Couple exchanging a kiss
Standing portrait of the couple
Closer view of the engaged couple
Close view of the couple sharing a kiss
Close up view of the engagement ring

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