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Palace of Fine Arts

Ahhh Palace of Fine Arts. Despite being a native of the bay area, I think I’ve actually only visited the Palace of Fine Arts once before becoming a photographer. And now, I can say that I’ve photographed here nearly a dozen times, each time finding a new undiscovered corner or garden that opens ups a whole new world of possibility. Steeped rich in San Francisco history, the Palace of Fine Arts had been used for various uses since its construction for the 1915 worlds fair. It stored military vehicles during World War II and subsequently, was the starting point for the state motorcades during the creation of the United Nations in San Francisco in 1945. Slightly overcast, but sunny, with the top of the Golden Gate bridge just peeking over the horizon, today was an absolutely perfect day for a Palace of Fine Arts Engagement session.

The Couple

Today’s beautiful couple is Debra and Lawrence, San Francisco born natives, two of my dearest friends, and easily the most impeccably dressed couple. Lawrence arrived dressed handsomely in a navy suit and light brown wingtip shoes while Debra looked elegant in a long white dress, accessorized with a vintage-inspired hairpiece, beautifully reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. With the Golden Gate Bridge faintly seen in the background, today’s engagement session couldn’t have been a better homage to the city that they grew up, met, and fell in love in.

When I asked Debra, whether or not she ever had any inkling that Lawrence, that guy she took Spanish class with in high school, would end up being the one she’d marry, she said no. Sometimes, things in the universe shift in ways that you can never predict, and things just naturally fall in place. Lawrence proposed to Debra in the tree trunk of a 500 year old Redwood, just as she finished filming a video of the interior. It was a moment that was so sweet, private, as well as a nod to their shared love of environmental sustainability and the great outdoors.

Debra and Lawrence will be exchanging their vows in front of loved ones under the redwoods at Mountain Terrace on June 28th, 2020. Congrats to my loves, Debra and Lawrence! I’m so blessed to be able to call you two my friends and I absolutely can’t wait to celebrate with you guys!

Venue: Palace of Fine Arts Engagement

a walk through palace of fine arts engagement
couple smiles at each other at palace of fine arts
couple between the pillars at palace of fine arts
couple laughs and whispers at palace of fine arts
palace of fine arts engagement session in front of the pillars
couple smiles into each other's shoulders at palace of fine arts
palace of fine arts elopement
white dress and suit at palace of fine arts engagement session
palace of fine arts wedding

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