Lands End Engagement | Naz + Mene

As I stood in the parking lot, I took a few minutes to take in the view. No matter how long I’ve lived in the bay area, I will never take ocean views for granted. It was a beautiful sunny Monday afternoon, perfect for a Lands End engagement session. Despite the air still being hazy from the recent Camp wildfire, there was still a good amount of people at Sutro Baths,  presumably tourists. As I stood there waiting, my phone rings. It was a call from Naz, she was on her way. As I continued to observe my surroundings, I turned around and there she was, with Mene following shortly behind. My first immediate impression was “Wow. Absolutely. Stunning.” Naz was still dressed in her casual clothes, yet I was immediately blown away by her natural beauty and her subtle yet glamorous hair and makeup. Mene looked sharply dressed in a black blazer, white dress shirt, and matching shoes. After a quick outfit change, we eventually made our way down to the baths.

Today, I learned that Naz and Mene weren’t just a beautiful and impeccably dressed couple, they also happen to be extremely kind and gracious people. Now, whoever has ever walked up the Sutro Bath steps, knows that it is not an easy hike up. It’s steep, long, and on a smoky day like today, it might as well have been Mt. Everest. So when I briefed them about the plan of walking DOWN the steps to take photos at the rocks, then back UP to take photos at the trees, and then back DOWN to take photos at the baths, all Mene said was, “Sure, whatever she wants. She’s the boss.” Now THAT is the definition of happy wife, happy life. And happy they are.

Throughout the session, I couldn’t help but notice little things. How Mene would gently take Naz’ hand as we moved from place to place, carefully making sure that she felt safe. Or how I would see stolen moments of smiles and laughter, as I shouted out poses from behind my camera. Or just simply the way they looked at each other. Pure magical bliss.

Naz and Mene will be getting married in front of friends, families, and loved ones in Positano, Italy in October of next year.

Location: Lands End Engagement | Dress: Amazon

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