Half Moon Bay Engagement | Irene + Wilson

Irene and Wilson’s half moon bay engagement was the perfect way to round out their proposal story.

How they met

When I asked Irene how she first met Wilson, she told me that they had met at a club. She told me, like most girls, (myself included), that she had her reservations about actually meeting a genuinely nice guy that you can actually talk to.

That is until she met Wilson. After a date and becoming Facebook friends, they discovered that they had quite a few mutual friends. In fact, one of their friends even personally reached out to Irene to vouch for what a nice guy Wilson is. Talk about a stamp of approval!

The Proposal

Fast forward 6 years later to last October. Wilson had to travel to Hawaii for work and decided it was the perfect trip to propose Irene. Wilson had it all planned out. He was going to take Irene on a stroll on the beach where he would then get down on one knee and pop the question. Sounds like a good plan right?

Except for the fact that the beach was super windy that day, Wilson’s hair got a bit messy, and to top it off, he actually got stung by a bee! As you can imagine, Wilson wasn’t in the most romantic mood and thus, decided to try again the next day. The next day, Wilson decided to propose during their hike at Pillbox hill, which was a beautiful hill that had beautiful scenic views of Oahu. Sadly though, there were too many people that day, so he decided to scrap the plan again.

But then! That night after dinner, Irene suggested they take a walk on the beach to walk off the meal. It was about 9pm and completely dark, but luckily, the ring box had a light inside. Then when Wilson, finally got down on one knee to propose, he opened the ring box…and it was upside down! Thankfully, the ring didn’t fall into the sand, but it was the perfect proposal nonetheless.

Irene and Wilson will be getting married next year at Canyon View in San Ramon, next June. Congrats Irene + Wilson! Can’t wait!

Location: Half Moon Bay Engagement | Skirt: Morning Lavender

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