At-home maternity in San Jose | Katianna + Casey

It was a warm day in February when I made my way down to Gilroy to meet Katianna for an at-home maternity in San Jose. With a forecast of 75 degrees, it felt more like early spring (minus the allergies, thank God).

As I made my way towards the beautiful white mid-century styled home, I took a second to let the envy sink in. Wow, I had a serious house crush already.

After I ring the doorbell, I was greeted by Casey; tall, dressed in a white button-up and a smile. Not too long after, Katianna shows up to meet me as well, looking ever so gorgeous in a grey knit dress, with the cutest little bump you’d ever see. It was hard to imagine that we were merely a few days away from her due date! Shortly after, I meet Harvey, the sweetest little toddler who immediately grabs my finger to take me on a tour of their house.

With Harvey by my side, we took a walk from room to room all the way to the trail behind the backyard. As we strolled around the backyard, Katianna gave me tidbits of her life. The fact that she grew up in Gilroy and had moved back to start a family. She talked about her pregnancy with Harvey and how excited she was to be expecting another little boy on the way, one she would name Hudson. As she talked, I instantly imagined Harvey and Hudson running around the backyard, weaving in between the BBQ grill and pool and all the way to the pepper tree. 

Even though it felt like Katianna and I could talk for hours, eventually we decided to make our way to the house where we started the session in the bedroom. I had never done an at-home maternity session before, so I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Most of my maternity sessions take place on the beach or a field of flowers but today, I decided to make my canvas the master bedroom, because of course, I always follow the light. Throughout the session, I couldn’t help but grin behind my camera. This family was just too adorable for words. Within the span of an hour or so, I felt so at home with them in their excitement for Hudson, that I nearly overstayed my welcome. 

Katianna, Casey and Harvey – I can’t wait to see your little family grow and I can’t wait to meet baby Hudson!

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