Woodside Redwoods engagement | Kat + David

If this engagement session had an epic blockbuster movie title, it would be “Kat + David: The Last Engagement Session.”

Kat and David’s Woodside Redwoods engagement was one for the books to say the least.

Planning the session

A quick rewind. It was about a week before the engagement session, when I had checked the weather app. Yikes. Rain all weekend during Kat + David’s engagement shoot. I quickly shoot text Kat and present her with two options. We either post-pone the engagement session to another weekend or we squeeze the engagement session after work on the last sunny day before the weekend. After discussing it with David, they decided to go with the latter. And boy, am I glad she did. Because the following Monday, the bay area Shelter in Place officially went into full effect. Whew!

Today, our beautiful couple is Kat + David. A couple that could have easily missed each other, if not for fate. Kat grew up in NorCal and David, in SoCal. Kat went to UC San Diego for college and David went to UC Davis (which is where I had met him). Over time and different relationships, Kat and David eventually met through mutual friends where two acquaintances quickly became friends, then a friendship grew into a relationship, and finally, a love that led to an engagement.

David and I have the same common interest of being photographer nerds, so on their trip to Spain last summer, David decided to set up a tripod take a photo of him and Kat on a busy street in Spain. Little did she know, David had flown thousands of miles with an engagement ring and a single question in mind. The answer, of course, was yes.

Fast forward back to today, the day of the engagement session. Highs in the 70s, 5 mph winds. With 90 mins before sunset and 30 mins to drive up the hill to get there, the timeline was definitely a little bit tight, but yes! We made it. Kat was dressed in a gorgeous white lace dress from Lulus, loose wavy curls and a beautiful smile. In asking Kat why she chose to engagement photos under the Redwoods, she wistfully recalls memories of her and David backpacking together, and dreaming of one day being able to have a house of their own in the Woodside Hills. I hope their wishes come true!

Kat and David will be getting married on July 4th, 2020 in front of loved ones and I am so thrilled I get to be there to celebrate their love. Congrats Kat + David!


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